Welcome to Shining Light

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Georgina Holdsworth and I am the proprietor at Shining Light. We have professional and internationally re-knowned psychics, tarot card readers and therapists which you can see in person at our two Shining Light shops in Edinburgh or Falkirk, and holistic goods and services to uplift mind, body and soul. You may also book an online reading if you are not local to Edinburgh or Falkirk in Scotland. Read the REVIEWS on Google Maps


Georgina Holdsworth

 Psychic Tarot Card Reader 


Georgina has been a professional psychic medium since 1985 and using her spiritual intuition and tarot cards, Georgina offers short and long readings both inside the shop and online via WhatsApp or Zoom.


Edinburgh: Mon, Wed, Thu.

Falkirk: Tue, Fri.


Room Hire

 Events & Workshops 


We have a spacious room at the Falkirk shop which can comfortably seat 16 people in a circle suitable for events and workshops. If you wish to view the facilities contact Georgina at shininglighttarot.co.uk/contact/

We also run our own events in the Falkirk shop which has included Angel & Shamanic Workshops. 



Richard Barriball

 Aura Readings & Bi-Aura Therapy 


Richard is registered with Bi-Aura International and has been professional since 2010. Richard has been featured in two UK magazines and is also clairsentient since a change in his spirit guide in 2013.

Edinburgh: Wed, Sat.

Falkirk: Fri.



White Sage 

Indigenous tribes have burned sage as part of their spiritual ceremonies to cleanse and purify. Sage is made up of the sage plant’s leaves and has a plant like smell when burned. Sage can be used to clear out all energy in a space, leaving room for positive and new vibes instead. If you have really heavy energy to move out like divorce, bad roommates, fighting with your spouse, etc. then reach out for some sage to clear out all of the toxic energy.  

Palo Santo

Palo Santo means "holy wood" best known for it's ability to add positivity energy to a space while also purifying the air. It is cut from the Bursera Graveolens trees often sourced from Ecuador. Before burning, remove all people and pets from the room and make sure a window is open. Set a positive intention for best results, then light your palo santo for 30 seconds and blow out. Let the smoke circulate for 1-2 minutes to add positivity to your space.

Snow Quartz

Known as a feminine stone, snow quartz healing crystal are balancers and are great for bringing your yin and yang into line. A slightly waxy feel to the stone with a beautiful white to cream sheen, this crystal enhances clarity and enables you to see things for waht they are, unlocking the beauty in daily life. It is also great for enhancing intuition, learning new skill and enhancing memory.